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Yesterday, Caitlyn Jenner shared a Father’s Day photo for the ages.

Caitlyn Jenner Father's Day Photo

As you can see, it featured the former Olympian along with the majority of her kids and stepkids, and even one of her grandchildren.

Given the size of Caitlyn’s ever-expanding family, it makes sense that not everyone made it out for the Father’s Day off-roading extravaganza, but most of the absentee offspring fad good excuses.

Kourtney Kardashian had the flu; Brody Jenner was out of town for a DJ-ing gig; Rob Kardashian skipped Father’s Day altogether because he’s reportedly been more reclusive than ever in recent weeks.

The only one of Bruce’s adult children who wasn’t on hand for the photo and didn’t have an obvious excuse was Kylie Jenner.

Now, Radar Online is reporting that Kylie’s reason for keeping her distance was simple: Caitlyn just doesn’t like her boyfriend, Tyga.

“She understands why Kylie was not there,” says the source. “Caitlyn does not like Tyga and does not approve of this relationship.”

No surprise there. Most parents wouldn’t approve of their 17-year-old daughter dating a 25-year-old rapper with a kid of his own. Kris Jenner seems cool with it, but she’s much more manager than mom these days.

Fortunately, Kylie paid tribute to her famous dad on Instagram, and insiders say that was all the Father’s Day love Caltlyn needed.

“Caitlyn did appreciate Kylie’s sweet post and hopes that time will heal all wounds," says the insider.

Time is one possibility. We’re guessing that Kylie cutting her coattail riding predator of a boyfriend loose would heal a lot of wounds as well.