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In the wake of the Josh Duggar molestation scandal, the members of the Duggar family and the "Quiverfull" movement to which they belong have both come under intense scrutiny.

Earlier today, we learned that a police report from the 2006 investigation into Josh’s alleged crimes revealed that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar hit their children with a "rod" of some sort as a means of punishing them for minor offenses. 

Now, new information about the Duggars’ controversial beliefs has come to light, and many critics believe it’s indicative of a culture in which victims of sexual abuse are blamed for the crimes committed by their assailants:

Josh Duggar Photograph
Photo via Jennifer Maier
Duggar Family: Sexual Abuse Counseling Form

The document on the right is from the homeschooling materials provided by Bill Gothard’s Institute in Basic Life Principles.

The Duggars have long been Gothard’s most famous followers, and Josh Duggar was sent to Gothard’s institute for counseling after Jim Bob found out about the molestation claims. 

Gothard resigned in disgrace last year after several female employees claimed he had sexually molested them, but his institute continues to preach his controversial views on matters of sexual harassment and assault.

The document above was likely used in the Duggar kids’ educations at an early age, and it was almost certainly a part of the "treatment" that Josh received during his time at the IBLP.

Shockingly, it lists various reasons that God might "let" abuse happen, including "immodest dress" and "indecent exposure."

Yes, the IBLP apparently teaches that victims of sexual abuse are to blame for their own suffering if they so much as dress "immodestly" in the presence of their attacker.

It’s further evidence that Josh Duggar’s behavior may have been part of a larger, systemic problem within the fundamentalist sect to which his family belongs.