Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner: Living Apart For the Past MONTH?!

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Earlier this month, we reported that Ben Affleck had moved out on Jennifer Garner and had been spotted enjoying some alone time in Canada without his wedding ring.

Supporters speculated that the couple might have decided to take a temporary break, and that might still be true, but whatever the case, Ben and Jen are taking a long time to figure out their next move.

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner Red Carpet Pic

Radar Online is reporting that Affleck and Garner have spent the last month apart from one another. The couple - usually frequently photographer together with their kids in LA - hasn't been spotted in public in nearly five weeks.

"Ben is in the grips of a midlife crisis," an insider recently told the National Enquirer.

Fittingly, the relationship troubles reportedly began while Ben was shooting his marriage gone horribly wrong drama, Gone Girl.

Rumors of Ben cheating with co-star Emily Ratajkowski began to circulate before film was released. During promotional interviews, Affleck admitted to drinking heavily and gambling on set - both vices he had previously claimed to have given up.

There's no word on what exactly prompted this latest "break," but the prevailing theory is that Jen finally got fed up with Ben's BS:

"The bottom line is that Jen can't trust Ben," the source said. "It's a vicious cycle — he'll screw up, then he'll get it together, but then it's only a matter of time before he's back to bad behavior."

Our guess is that Bennifer will try (and likely fail) to keep up appearances until after the media storm that's sure to accompany the release of Batman v. Superman next year.

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