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In her new single, Taylor Swift talks about "torture." And a relationship that "goes down in flames." She also mentions the fact that she’s "insane."

So, wait, is "Blank Space" the name of Swift’s latest track? Or the title of a horror movie? Why can’t it be both?!?

The geniuses at Slate have transformed Swift’s version of Gone Girl’s Amy Dunne into a horror movie trailer… by just adding some sound effects to actual footage from the video.

Confused? Click play and you’ll simply be entertained.

Taylor Swift Horror Movie: A Scary Blank Space!

The world in general has been having a lot of fun with Swift’s "Blank Space." Including Swift herself!

Did you catch Taylor lip-syncing to the song while riding in a car with a beloved British DJ?


This young superstar has been absolutely everywhere since releasing her wildly popular new album last month, including the latest issue of Wonderland and even the cover of the latest issue of Time.

Unlike Kim Kardashian, however, Swift has kept her clothes on for these magazine spreads. 

And why wouldn’t she? Taylor Swift has actual talent to offer the world, not just large breasts and an Internet-shattering rear end.

In this case, that talent can best be described as How to Act Like a Total and Complete Nutcase. See what we mean in the following 19 GIFs from the "Blank Space" video: