Taylor Swift "Blank Space" Video Debuts: Watch the Darkly Hilarious Clip Now!

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Taylor Swift has been on a roll in terms of creative, hilarious videos lately.

Taylor's "Shake It Off" video has become the stuff of YouTube legend thanks to an off-the-wall premise that features Taylor falling on her face (sometimes literally) while attempting a wide array of girly-girl activities.

The video for "Blank Space" - the second single from Taylor's record-breaking 1989 album - debuted online today and though it's considerably darker and more personal that "Shake It Off," it still finds plenty of humor in some unexpected places ...

Though, Taylor spoke about her breakup with Harry Styles during a recent listening party, for the most part she's kept mum on her love life throughout the 1989 promotional frenzy.

Perhaps that's why Taylor decided to poke fun at her own Stage 5 Clinger reputation with the aid of an actor who doesn't seem to be modeled after any of her famous exes.

In the video, we see Taylor and "Sean" experience the dizzying highs of a new romance and the devastating lows of a breakup.

Swifty goes full psycho ex on the dude, and her mascara-smeared, knife-wielding performance is clearly meant to be a parody of the way she's been portrayed in the press.

The song's lyrics, however, seem to reveal Taylor's bleak take on her own romantic past.

Lines like, "Got a long list of ex-lovers, they'll tell you I'm insane," and, "Boys only want love if it's torture" may not seem to mesh well with the humorous imagery of the video, but maybe that's the point.

Taylor's clearly found a way to laugh through her pain, and perhaps she's hoping that this video will inspire some heartbroken fans to do the same.

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