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Christmas has come early for movie fans.

Lloyd Christmas, that is, as Jim Carrey stars opposite Jeff Daniels and reprises this beloved, bowl-cutted role from the 1994 smash hit, Dumb and Dumber.

Is the sequel so good that your birds heads start popping off? Watch this video for one critic’s take and then scroll down for a runthrough of what others have to say and then check out our collection of Foxcatcher reviews as well…

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The directors Bobby and Peter Farrelly cram the movie with puns and those kinds of sight gags. Almost none of them work. – Wesley Morris

The majority of it isn’t just dumb and dumber, or even crude and cruder. At nearly two hours, it’s just dull – and duller. – Stephen Whitty

I reckon four out of every five jokes played to silence at the preview screening. If Dumb and Dumber To were a live comedian, he’d have said, "Is this an audience or an oil painting?" He’d have left the stage in tears. – David Edelstein


Dumb and Dumber To is mostly just a kick in the nuts, and not the good kind — provided there is a good kind. – Stephanie Zacharek

Dumb and Dumber To is comedy by committee, and the script plays like it; gags pile up, as if each subsequent draft merely added to the joke quotient. With so many attempts at laughs, however, the success ratio of the humor is surprisingly low. – Kirk Baird

I laughed out loud only once. It was a good laugh. But, it only made me feel sorry that rest of the film wasn’t that way. – Paul Chambers

The Farrelly Brothers should thank their lucky stars that Nicolas Cage’s incredibly bad "Left Behind" has already been released. Otherwise "Dumb and Dumber To" would be the leading candidate for worst movie of the year. – David Kaplan