19 CRAZY Taylor Swift "Blank Space" GIFs

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Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" music video in GIF form. See Taylor like you've never seen her before ...

1. Taylor Goes Elin Nordegren

Taylor Goes Elin Nordegren
This is what happens when Taylor Swift catches a man cheating, at least in her music video for "Blank Space." She goes all Elin Nordegren on his car!

2. Riding Bikes Inside

Riding Bikes Inside
A totally sane thing to do. Especially with that look on your face.

3. Evil Lurks Within

Evil Lurks Within
Something behind those eyes is ... not normal.

4. Admiring Portraits

Admiring Portraits
He really is wonderful, isn't he?

5. Carving Initials

Carving Initials
Someone get all sharp objects away from this girl.

6. Busted Him Texting!

Busted Him Texting!
Ohhhhhh s--t. Its.about.to.go.down.

7. The RAGE

The start of something very, very bad.

8. Throwing Shade

Throwing Shade
And vases.

9. Say Bye to Your Phone!

Say Bye to Your Phone!
Oops! Is that a fountain?

10. Tears and Mascara

Tears and Mascara
A winning combination for any hysterical scorned girlfriend.

11. She Will Cut You!

She Will Cut You!
Or at least your clothes.

12. And There Goes Your Stuff

And There Goes Your Stuff
If they lived in a one-story ranch home, this overdramatic reaction would not have even been possible!

13. Knife-Wielding Maniac!

Knife-Wielding Maniac!
Look at her technique. It makes you wonder if she's had any practice.

14. AXE-Wielding Maniac!

AXE-Wielding Maniac!
Those initials she carved in that tree? Kiss them goodbye!

15. FORE!

Taylor takes what looks like a mid-to-low-iron to her beau's expensive automobile in breathtaking slow motion.

16. Over His Dead Body

Over His Dead Body
Possibly literally.

17. Poison Apple

Poison Apple
This woman is straight up loony. And we love her for it.

18. It's Always the Hot Ones

It's Always the Hot Ones
There's something crazy about 'em.

19. Crazy Cat Lady

Crazy Cat Lady
Maybe she's better off with just her cats ...

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