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Miley Cyrus performed in Melbourne, Australia last night, and apparently the land Down Under is entirely devoid of Internet access, as hundreds of parents brought young children to the show, somehow completely ignorant of what Miley had in store:

Miley gets drunk and topless to promote her tour on Instagram, but still, Aussie grownups were shocked – shocked! – to see the former Hannah Montana, twerkin’, gyrating, and pleasuring herself on stage. 

Some families headed for the exit around the time Miley decided to give the crowd an update on how the tour’s been going so far:

“I got so drunk at other shows, puking at the side of the stage,” Miley said. “You can’t be under the influence at shows when you’re gyrating on f–king cars, so I’m sober. Well, sober-ish. I’m trying to create some memories for you motherf–kers here!”

Yeah, she’s just trying to create some memories! How ungrateful can you be, Australia?

Seriously though, if anyone was exposed to any age-inappropriate content, the fault lies entirely with their parents. 

Apparently they didn’t get the news about Miley’s semen and weed-based art show. Or her latest penises and pot leaves merchandise

Did we mention Miley loves sex and drugs? Because, yeah…that’s kinda her thing these days. Pro tip for parents who are unsure if they should take their kids to a Miley Cyrus concert: Google her.

It takes about two seconds and literally any result  you click on will show you what she’s all about. Hannah Montana is long dead, y’all.