Jennifer Lawrence and Iggy Azalea: Unexpected Celebrity Look-Alike Alert!

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It's been a weird week for both Jennifer Lawrence and Iggy Azalea.

On Thursday, Lawrence was attacked by Wendy Williams for having the gall to talk openly about her own nude photos.

Even weirder - today, a dude tried to divorce Iggy Azalea even though she's not married.

Like we said, weird stuff. But that's not the only thing these two have in common. They're both incredibly successful women who are at the top of their games and just getting started. Oh, and they're clearly twins separated at birth:

Iggy Image
J to the Law

Yes, J-Law and Iggy-Ig have officially earned spots on our celebrity look-alikes list. Sure they may not be the dead ringers that Aaron Rodgers and Derick Dillard are, but these two could definitely pass as relatives.

Of course, Iggy's been the subject of less flattering comparisons, with some pointing out that the rapper bears more than a passing resemblance to Arlen, Texas prop comic Bobby Hill:

Iggy Azalea and Bobby Hill

We're guessing she'd prefer to be compared to Jen. 

Anyway, while Jen and Iggy couldn't be more different in terms of their careers and public images, we think they should both be flattered to be compared to one another.

For Iggy it means she could pass for the one of the classiest actresses in Hollywood. And for Jen, it means that for all her red carpet glam, could decide one day to put on a fake ghetto accent and convince the world she's the realest. Who dat, who dat?

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