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It’s safe to say that NBC’s Marry Me has found a very unique way to promote its upcoming season premiere.

And it’s also safe to say Orlando native Bret has officially set the bar VERY high for all future boyfriends hoping to propose.

See, Bret met Jovan in Chicago. He then ran into her again a week later in Orlando. The two had a long-distance relationship until Jovan moved to Los Angeles to be with Bret earlier this year.

She hadn’t seen her family or friends for months afterwards, which is why Bret flew them in for a very special proposal.

With the help of an NBC production team (Marry Me premieres on October 4 at 9/8c!), Bret then organized a lengthy lip-dub set to “Geronimo” by the band Sheppard.

It ended, of course, with him on one knee. Did she say yes? Watch and find out!

Cafe Lip-Dub Proposal Wins Internet Forever

We think this is a better way to propose than faking a plane crash, don’t you?


Naturally, we’ve included the video among our ever-growing collection of unusually awesome and romantic marriage proposals:

These are the opposite of these: