39 AWWW-Inspiring Marriage Proposals

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Not every marriage proposal is worthy of a viral video.

But these most definitely are.

1. Man Falls Off Building, Proposes

This man is willing to die for love. Sort of. Watch his unparalleled proposal now.

2. Peter Pan Marriage Proposal

This is awesome and romantic. The star of a Peter Pan production proposes on stage here to his girlfriend.

3. Canadian Flash Mob Proposal

A gay man in Canada proposes to his boyfriend here via flash mob. Watch the awesomeness unfold now!

4. Justin Timberlake Initiates Couple's Marriage Proposal

Justin Timberlake helped a man propose to his girlfriend during his concert in Louisville. You've gotta see this!

5. Pinterest Proposal, Wedding Documentary

The full length video of the man who surprised his girlfriend with a proposal and wedding based on her Pinterest.

6. An Ellen Proposal

Ellen DeGeneres calls a fan out of the audience in this footage from her talk show. Watch what happens next.

7. Lip Dub Proposal

You lack a heart if you don't melt over this video of a man, and many others, proposing to his girlfriend via town lip dub.

8. South Carolina Tailgate Proposal

A South Carolina student proposes to his girlfriend in this video. At a football tailgate! Watch it all unfold now!

9. Home Depot Flash Mob Proposal

Ever gone to Home Depot and then been proposed to via flash mob? The man featured in this video now has!

10. Flash Mob Proposal: Watch Now!

A man came up with a creative way of proposing to his girlfriend in this video. Watch a flash mob help him do the trick now.

11. Real Life Movie Trailer Proposal

Brock Newhall puts your nervous fumbled marriage proposal to shame. Check it out!

12. Zach Braff-Inspired Marriage Proposal

A man proposes to his girlfriend in this video. With the help of Zach Braff and many, many others.

13. Google Glass Proposal

In this video, a man proposed to his girlfriend. Through Google Glass! Check it out.

14. Chicago Bulls Game Proposal

Best halftime show ever? A dancer for this professional basketball team receives the surprise of her life in this video.

15. Glee Flash Mob Proposal

Over 1,000 people came together on April 25, 2012 for the third-ever flash mob. But we focus on two of them here.

16. Reporter Proposed to on Live Television

A reporter gets proposed to on live television in this emotional video. It's beautiful!

17. An Epic Marriage Proposal

Yes, this vide is 27 minutes long. But it is a truly epic marriage proposal that is comprised of... pretty much everything.

18. Fire Drill Marriage Proposal

This is one of our favorite marriage proposals to ever go viral. It involves a firefighter, a teacher and many happy students.

19. A Proposal on Ellen!

A man shocks his girlfriend and the audience in this Ellen clip: he proposes! Watch now.

20. Epic Proposal Explained: 26 Countries, 4 Years!

WOW! This guy visited 26 countries and spent four years putting together his amazing proposal. He recounted the adventure here.

21. Superhero-Themed Flash Mob Proposal

Best proposal ever? This video features a flash mob with superheroes!

22. Fake Plane Crash Proposal

Most epic/frightening proposal ever? Watch as this man makes his girlfriend think she is going to die... and then asks her to marry him!

23. Man Uses Baby Alligator to Propose

This man proposed to his girlfriend using a baby alligator. And she seemed totally into it!

24. Man Proposes to Girlfriend Under Water

This video is seven minutes in length, but it's worth your time. It features a man proposing to his girlfriend... underwater!

25. Boyfriend Proposes to Girlfriend Via All Her Favorite Things

It’s all about love for this boyfriend, who proposed to his girlfriend in the most epic of ways. See what we mean now.

26. Victor Cruz Marriage Proposal

New York Giants star Victor Cruz pops the question to his girlfriend, and it's romantic stuff!

27. Post-It Proposal

Post-It Proposal
This is one one boyfriend proposed: by sticking Post-It notes ALL OVER his girlfriend's car. Each read "I love you this much."

28. Man Proposes with a Penguin

This man proposed to his girlfriend with the help of a penguin. Watch the romantic/unusual proposal take place here.

29. Coca-Cola Bottle Marriage Proposal

Coca-Cola Bottle Marriage Proposal
This is certainly an original way to propose. One man took full advantage of the new Coke campaign.

30. Ice Bucket Challenge Proposal

This video starts as an Ice Bucket Challenge. And ends as a romantic proposal!

31. A Baby Proposal

A Baby Proposal
AWWW! Take a look here at the very creative way in which one man in Australia proposed to his girlfriend.

32. Cafe Lip-Dub Proposal Wins Internet Forever

Greatest proposal in the history of the universe? It will be hard for ANYone to ever top this. Sit back and watch now.

33. Christmas Air Force Proposal

Watch what happens when an Air Force airman returns from duty just before Christmas and greets his fiancee.

34. Woman Reacts to Selfie Proposal

Wait... what is happening here?!? Watch this woman react in shocked happiness over a selfie-based proposal.

35. Wrestlemania 31 Proposal

A man proposed to his girlfriend at Wrestlemania 31. Did she say yes? Find out by watching this video!

36. Noah Galloway Proposes!

Noah Galloway didn't just propose to his girlfriend. He proposed to his girlfriend live on Dancing with the Stars.

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