15 Cringeworthy Proposals

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These are seriously cringeworthy proposals. Whatever you do, this is NOT how to ask someone to marry you. Trust us.

1. If You're a Fish, I'm a Fish

If You're a Fish, I'm a Fish
There are definitely more fish in the sea, but you're the only fish for me? POETRY!

2. Emoji Are For Lovers

Emoji Are For Lovers
Real men say "I love you and want to marry you" with emoji hearts.

3. Put a Wing On It

Put a Wing On It
Ask a girl to marry you on the sign of a fast food chicken joint and you might get winged before you can get her ringed.

4. Cupid's Arrow

Cupid's Arrow
Ladies, if a cupid who looks like this is trying to SHOOT YOU, run away. Far, far away.

5. Will You Facebook Me?

Will You Facebook Me?
This probably wasn't what Breeze's mother had in mind when she said your proposal needed to be better. Not by a long shot.

6. Fur-real?

Garfield strikes us as more of the Grumpy Cat type than the happily ever after kind.

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