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Following the news of actor Stephen Collins’ admission of child molestation, comedian Kathy Griffin posted a tweet that’s prompted a whirlwind of rumors and speculation.

“Well well well #StephenCollins,” Griffin tweeted. “Looks like u may have finally gotten urself busted after all these years. Jack M, ur next?”

Griffin appears to be accusing someone in Hollywood with the first name Jack and the last initial “M” of some sort of sexual abuse.

Kathy Griffin Image

Needless to say, it’s a serious accusation, and Griffin’s fans have been frantically attempting to figure out whom she’s referring to.

Few actors fit the description, and Griffin has already clarified that she’s not accusing 30 Rock star Jack McBrayer.


As Michael Jackson has been the subject of abuse allegations in recent months, some have suggested that Griffin has simply reversed the names of the late pop icon.

Griffin has neither confirmed or denied this rumor, but it seems unlikely that she’d bother to be so cryptic about a man who’s been dead for over five years.

We have no guesses as to whom Griffin may be accusing, but we’d like to echo the sentiment expressed by many of the comedian’s online followers:

If Griffin has knowledge of anyone committing an act of sexual abuse, we hope that she’s taken the proper steps to alert authorities, rather than just posting accusations online.