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Following a two-part special featuring Kate Gosselin and her brood this summer, the maligned reality star is returning to TLC for a new season of Kate Plus 8.

New episodes will return in December, and Gosselin will be making out nicely.

“Kate couldn’t turn it down. She loves doing TV and it’s basically her only source of income,” an insider said, summing up what we all assume to be true.

So how much will she be pulling in with the series’ return?

Kate Gosselin and One Daughter

Gosselin, 39, isn’t bringing in the coin she did at the peak of Jon & Kate Plus 8, but it’s certainly more than the average American is making … per year.

“Kate’s making more than $40,000 per episode, but it’s not clear yet how many episodes,” the source said. “Right now they’re only locked in for one season.”

Not bad. Plus she gets to work with boyfriend Steve Neild!


We kid … mostly. Longtime bodyguard Neild recently parted ways with Gosselin, only to be quickly brought back into the fold with the famous family.

Kate then requested that TLC bring Neild on board for the new season as well, and the network was happy to oblige because controversy draws buzz.

Their relationship has long been the subject of speculation.

While Neild has been employed by Kate for years, and the nature of their closeness questioned, there has never been any proof that they hooked up.

Still, it gets attention and the network no doubt realizes this.

“She’s always happy when TLC wants more of her,” a source said of Kate the greedy, abusive monster mom (she has been said to be all of those things).

We can’t wait for the show to premiere this winter. You?