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Are Kate Gosselin and Steve Neild together again, and not just professionally?

Just when it looked like the reality star and her bodyguard had parted ways, they were spotted together again, renewing speculation about the nature of their relationship.

Longtime sidekick Steve Neild and Kate Gosselin parted ways recently, allegedly because his wife was not happy about the state of their working partnership.

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Soon enough, though, the two reconciled and were seen again with her twin girls, Mady and Cara, then on a family vacation together with all eight kids.

Now a report claims that Neild, who has two grown kids, has his own room in Gosselin’s Pennsylvania home, where he “spends one week a month with Kate.”

Sound suspicious at all? How could it not?


“Kate acts like she and the children are one big happy family. She wants him to be the dad so badly,” a source close to the Gosselin family dished.

This rumor is very far from the first of its kind – not that we necessarily give credence to the supermarket tabloids that report 99 percent of this gossip.

Nevertheless, the Kate and Steve romance chatter has only intensified after they recently cut ties with each other, only to link back up in short order.

“People at TLC suspected that something was going on and warned Jon,” a source said, alleging that one of the children even caught Steve and Kate kissing.

“Steve actually got reassigned after that, but Kate argued and brought him back … [nevertheless] the kids think Kate and Steve’s relationship is gross.”

“They’ve even said to him, ‘You’re not my dad.’”

Ouch! The source concluded by saying Kate feels “protected and not alone” with Neild, and that “she likes having Steve around. Kate controls the situation.”

Okay, that last part we completely believe.