Kate Plus 8: Returning to TLC This Winter!!

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Kate Plus 8 is returning this winter to TLC. The apocalypse is nigh, friends.

The cable network, having already brought back the brood for two specials this summer, has ordered more installments of Kate Plus 8 to air in December.

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The Gosselins will travel to Boston and explore the New England area as part of their family vacation, and you best believe the cameras will follow them.

Viewers will also be treated to the Gosselin kids' final days of summer as their greedy, abusive, fame-hungry mom prepares for another year of school.

They grow up so fast. Cara and Mady will enter eighth grade, while the sextuplets - Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel - will go into the fourth grade.

In part one of the recent two-part Kate Plus 8 special that aired in June, Gosselin talked about how it was "never my intent to portray myself as superwoman."

No issue there, Kate. You've been portrayed as anything but lately.

Whether it's calling her children disabled to earn free state services or physically and verbally abusing them, she's been accused of anything and everything.

Are the rumors true? We can't say, but they don't play against type.

Despite the kids revolting against Kate and allegedly saying they no longer wish to be on TV, the monster mom has won out, and back on it they go.

Their last episode averaged more than 2.1 million viewers, so money clearly talks for the 39-year-old who many wish would simply fade away into obscurity.

But she won't. She won't. Kate is nothing if not resilient.

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