Kate Gosselin Had Kids to Be Famous, is a Greedy, Child-Abusing Monster, Book Alleges

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Kate Gosselin manipulated her fertility treatments to get pregnant with sextuplets and is a greedy monster who abuses kids and pets, a new book claims.

Robert Hoffman's newly re-released Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World makes so many bombshell allegations, we don't even know where to start.

Probably the biggest is that spanked her kids so hard that she begged God to help her stop, while going to town on the family dogs in a similar manner.

Oh, and she supposedly fell under the spell of bodyguard Steve Neild to the point that she him named trustee of her estate to hide money from husband Jon.

Hoffman, who began tracking every move of the Gosselins in the summer of 2009 as a reporter for US Magazine, decided to expose her for what she is.

At least according to him. Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World is the documentation of what he calls the "Gosselin house of horrors" behind the facade.

The tome has been at the center of a huge lawsuit, which she dropped last year after she successfully kept the scandalous book from being published.

But now, with Gosselin's Kate Plus 8: Sextuplets Turn 10 special making news, Hoffman is re-releasing it, because she's a bully and her kids are worse off.

He alleges that "Kate Gosselin deliberately and intentionally got pregnant with two sets of multiples in order to become the working mom's Martha Stewart."

"Her eight children were mere props ... pawns in her game," Hoffman goes on, "her game to accumulate as much wealth and notoriety as she could."

Born Kate Kreider, the brunette turned blonde married Jon Gosselin in 1999 after a search for a rich husband who would support her and her aspirations.

When that didn't really work out, Kate tried to copy Martha's success, she produced a cookbook that was ultimately canceled by her Christian book publisher.

So it was on to baby-making and fertility treatments. In the second cycle of treatment, she was pregnant with twins. Just twins? That wasn't enough.

She settled on a doctor in Wyomissing, Pa, who gave her injections of a drug called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, HCG, an ovulation inducer.

Friday, November 21, 2003, was the happiest day of Kate Gosselin’s life when her doctor confirmed that she was pregnant with six - six! - babies.

She began agressively seeking out publicly and soon Discovery Communications, Inc. and its TLC network who became producers of her reality TV show.

So began the fable of the loving Gosselins, yet Kate had no maternal instincts, claims Hoffman, nor did she have any interest in being a good mother.

She was only in it for the and it quickly became obvious to anyone around her, as she assembled volunteers to do everything for her while she lazed around.

Condescending and dismissive towards everyone in her presence, her extended family abandoned her. Kate Gosselin had zero patience with the children.

She never played with them, didn't help them with their schoolwork. She hid in the kitchen and let volunteers take care of them. She meted out punishments.

Easily enraged if they got dirty playing or disobeyed her with a very minor infraction, she unleashed what she called 'the spanker' until the child "happied up."

She had meltdowns, made the children strip down, spanked them a lot, pulled them by their hair. She was so out of control she had to pray to God to help her stop.

She would throw all the kids' toys in the trash along with school projects, and kick the boys' Lego buildings into a million pieces if they weren't put away.

Discipline was the Gosselin children’s "normal," Hoffman writes. "They got their daily spankings and Kate insisted they loved it, or so she believed."

The two family dogs, Shoka and Nala, were subjected to Kate's tirades and abuse. Kate would use a stick, a spoon, a tube or whatever else she had.

All when Jon was gone, to discipline the dogs for minor infractions that dogs commit, like tracking mud into the basement after coming in from a pouring rain.

"Kate Gosselin is cruel and she seems to enjoy the power that she has over children, animals and adults," says the author, and she did not care.

"The Gosselin children were nothing more than collateral damage in a business driven by greed Kate had no emotional connection with any of her children."

"Jon Gosselin or a volunteer bathed and fed them, played with them."

"Kate created lists and barked out orders and focused on her tan, her jogging routine, her nails, traveling to New York City to get her hair done, shopping and tweeting."

The intrusion of television cameras in their lives greatly impacted the children as well as Jon. Kate had changed from the woman he had married.

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