Lolita Richi: I'm the Only REAL Human Barbie!

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Lolita Richi, the latest Human Barbie, says she is the only REAL Human Barbie.

Allow her to explain. You see, the latest human aspiring to emulate a plastic toy's rendering of beauty says that her striking appearance is all-natural.

The irony is thick, as no "natural" teen strives to be a doll. But Lolita Richi says that unlike other hopefuls, she can reach this pinnacle with no surgery!

Lolita Richi: Teen Barbie

The Ukrainian-born Lolita wears a 32F bra, has a 20-inch waist, and besides not having surgery to achieve her look, says she doesn't even diet.

“I have a naturally gorgeous figure so I don’t even have to diet,” the 16-year-old Richi tells the Daily Mail, apparently not lacking for self-confidence here.

The 5’4'' teen went on to diss Valeria Lukyanova, her fellow Ukrainian who laid claim to the Human Barbie title last year, because she's like SO FAKE!

“I think I’ve achieved this image better than anyone else. I’m the ultimate vamp woman,” Richi tells the newspaper. “I haven’t even heard of Valeria Lukyanova.”

Oooh. Human Barbie burn.

Obviously, Lolita concedes, she uses a push-up bra, blue contacts, different wigs, and gobs of makeup in her many photos. Just no filters or Photoshop.

Richi’s snapshots are captured by her mother, Anya, herself only 33. Yes, the new Human Barbie's mother is only 33 years old. And brimming with pride.

“My mom’s proud of how I look,” Richi said, adding that. “If I can become famous for my appearance in some way. I will be extremely happy.”

Mission accomplished?

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