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Kate Gosselin and Steve Neild parted ways last week amidst reports that a rift between the reality star and her bodyguard prompted Neild to return to his wife and kids.

Neild reportedly took a job the Executive Vice President of Prudential Associates, and ended what was believed to be a long term affair with Gosselin.

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Steve and Kate had both previously denied rumors that they’re dating, but if their relationship was purely professional and Neild is no longer working for Gosselin, why he did he accompany her and her two daughters to a One Direction concert last night?

Yes, Steve and Kate were spotted by several concertgoers, and it reportedly did not look as though they were there as employer and employee.


Which could be a problem, as a source says that Neild’s wife Gina, "told him his time with Kate as her bodyguard was making their family miserable and that he had to make a choice."

Rumors of an affair between Gosselin and Neild have never been confirmed, but it seems strange that Steve would put his marriage on the line for a job, when he’s already found a lucrative gig elsewhere.

So will Gosselin and Neild admit that they’re sleeping together now that they’ve been publicly outed? We’ll keep you updated as details develop.