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Justin Bieber has apologized for racist videos made while the pop mega-star was still in his teens, but many understandably feel that even the sincerest admission of guilt is simply not enough, given the abhorrent content of Bieber’s bigoted "jokes."

One such critic is rapper Lupe Fiasco who recently likened Justin’s comments to the blatantly racist remarks made by Donald Sterling, former owner of the LA Clippers.

The Hollywood Gossip

"Justin Bieber said it, so it’s cool and people are already coming to his defense," said Fiasco in an interview with MTV. 

"Donald Sterling made a billion dollars when he sold the team and then there was such an uproar over someone who didn’t use the N-word at all, but then you have someone who made a very racist joke about it – I wonder if Justin’s gonna get the same treatment as Donald Sterling."


"I don’t think he will," Lupe continued. "It’s an absurd thing. You get somebody who we ‘like’ who says it, and says it even more ‘racist-ier’ and we don’t bat an eyelash at it."

Lupe’s comments echo those of Drake Bell who also compared Bieber to Sterling

Surprisingly, Lupe and Bell seem to hold the minority opinion in the entertainment world, as stars such as Floyd Mayweather, Lil Wayne and Whoopi Goldberg have all defended Bieber’s comments.