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Justin Bieber has been featured in two racist videos over the past few days.

But the singer has also issued a couple heartfelt apologies, has never shown a single bigoted tendency and was filmed making these remarks when he was a young teenager.

As a result, most folks appear to have forgiven Bieber.

Most, that is, except for nemesis Drake Bell.

The actor – who has tried to deport Bieber to Canada and who has referred to him as a “little piece of sh-t” – took to Twitter today and wondered why Justin is being cut so much slack.


Especially when – in Bell’s mind – there’s someone else just like Bieber being raked over the racist coals these days.

“Donald Sterling caught saying racist thing and ruins career. @justinbieber gets caught and the excuse ‘He doesn’t know any better’ is used,” Drake Tweeted.

Sterling, of course, is the disgraced/former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.

One could point out that his racist remarks were quite layered… and that they represented a clear view that African-Americans are a lower species than Caucasians… and that Sterling has been sued MANY times for racial discrimination in real estate transactions, meaning (unlike Bieber), he’s backed up his comments with disgusting actions.

One could point all of this out. But we somehow doubt it would mean much to Bell.