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Emily Ratajkowski has never been shy about stripping down for the camera, and we guess Emily is technically wearing clothes in this photo and thus not violating Instagram’s anti-boobie rules, but …

This is about as naked as you can get without pissing off the admins:

Those are guitar picks Emily’s wearing, and because her nipples are covered, there will be no need for a topless Scout Willis protest. (Although if she feels like strutting around town naked again, we won’t complain.)

It’s actually been an exciting week for redefining the boundaries of nudity.

First, Rihanna twerking in a see-through dress showed us all that with enough innovation, you can wear “clothes,” while still displaying every part of your anatomy. 

Now we have Emily rocking a couple dozen plastic disks and calling it a bikini. 

Clearly their accomplishments this week have earned these two women a spot in the Near Nudity Hall of Fame next to the girl who first wore leggings to a college class and called them pants.

We can be proud that we live in a county where pioneers like Emily and RiRi stay up at night thinking of ways to go out in public with all their lady bits out and not get arrested.

Of course, both women have been known to go full-on naked without even pretending to cover up, but with the wealth of nudity on the Internet it’s photos like the one above that kinda, almost leave something to the imagination that really catch our attention.

Your move, Miley.