Jenelle Evans: Ready to Pop! Still Posting Bikini Pics!

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Jenelle Evans' due date may be much closer than the June 29 we originally believed. She's starting to drop hints that Kaiser is about to drop ... literally.

Not that this will stop her endless parade of bikini selfies, of course. Nor should it.

This is what Jenelle Evans does. It comes as naturally to her as breathing or screaming at Bahbrah. But that baby bump of hers may be gone soon:

Jenelle Evans Hot Pic

"Oh man, just took the longest nap from 5-9!" Jenelle wrote. "Lmao now about to kill this homework and get it done early incase Kaiser decides to come!

"In case Kaiser decides to come" certainly sounds like an imminent arrival, although even the June 29 date would put her at or close to full term now.

At that point, especially for a second pregnancy, it could be game on. So maybe we're reading too much into things (which we likely are, as it's Jenelle).

surprising everyone with the news of an early birth seems like something Jenelle would get a kick out of, like she managed to fool us all or something.

It could also be a Kate Middleton scenario, where false reports about the due date circulated for months with no correction, to allow her more privacy.

Nah, we'll go with the former option.

For the sake of the baby, we hope all is well. She needs more time to prepare for Kaiser's arrival and work on that inspirational memoir, don't you think?

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