Game of Thrones, Disney-Style: When You Wish Upon a Hodor!

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Game of Thrones and the Magic Kingdom of Disney may not seem like two worlds that would fit well together, but artist Fernando Mendoca sprinkled a little fairy dust all over Westeros and wound up with some amazing results:

Mendoca has re-imagined several GoT characters as adorable, bright-eyed Disney creations.

It's an experiment that proves the DIsney technique for animating characters who will turn into best-selling plush toys is so effective that even Daenerys' biggest, baddest dragon becomes something you wanna take home and cuddle with.

Of course, the studio's signature style of character art works both ways. Lena Headey may be beautiful in real life, but one look at Disney-fied Cersei Lannister and you know she's plain evil.

Of course, Mendoca's is just the latest Game of Thrones mash-up to wow the web in recent weeks:

This amazing GoT-meets-Law & Order opening credits sequence somehow perfectly captures the tones of both shows (spoiler alert, if you're not caught up on season 4):

And the Super Mario-Game of Thrones clip earned well over a million views in the two weeks since it's been uploaded. And for good reason:

Watch Game of Thrones online at TV Fanatic to enjoy the show in its pure, uncut, very adult form. Of course, for our money, even Ramsay Snow will never be as terrifying as these dudes:

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