Iranians Dance to "Happy" Video, Get Arrested By Tehran Police For Offending Public Morals

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Six Iranian residents were arrested May 18 for creating a music video of themselves dancing to Pharrell Williams' hit song "Happy," according to reports.

They were later freed, but not before suffering alleged police brutality.

Reihane Taravati, one of the women in the video and the sister of video director Siavash Taravati, announced via Facebook that they had been cut loose.

While in custody, though, she says they were placed in solitary confinement, forced to strip naked and perform squats and not allowed to use the toilet.

Tehran police chief Hossein Sajedinia ordered the arrest for their "obscene video that offended the public morals," later forcing the group to repent on state TV.

Pharrell commented on Facebook, posting a photo of the group and writing, "It is beyond sad that these kids were arrested for trying to spread happiness."

Interestingly, Iran President Hassan Rouhani Tweeted Wednesday: "#Happiness is our people's right. We shouldn't be too hard on behaviors caused by joy."

While not overtly meant as a political statement, it does suggest that Iran's president is very likely at odds with Tehran's police force on the group's arrest.

That's encouraging at least.

Incredibly, this is the second crazy viral video/story to emerge from Iran this week. The first involved this car crash selfie that must be seen to be believed: