Game of Thrones-Law & Order Mash-up: Tyrion, Meet Ice T!

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We didn't think it could get any better than yesterday's Game of Thrones-Super Mario credits, but the Internet has wowed us once again with a hilarious mash-up of two of television's most wildly popular shows:

Sure, the trial of Tyrion Lannister was heavy stuff, but when you toss in some Mariska Hargitay reaction shots and the iconic Law & Order "donk-donk" sound effect, the whole affair becomes pretty darn funny.

We're a bit disappointed that the new combination series isn't titled Law & Hodor, but other than that, this clip is flawless. 

If nothing else, it makes us realize that if there's any actor working in Hollywood who could survive life in Westeros, it's definitely Ice-T.

Come to think of it both shows, could probably benefit from borrowing some elements from one another:

Imagine if the Special Victims Unit was on hand to investigate all the "particularly heinous" crimes that take place in King's Landing. We'd get even more gory details (if that's possible).

Or how about if instead of all those boring courtroom scenes, L & O treated us to the occasional trial by combat. Now that's the way to make sure justice is served. 

If there's one thing the American legal system could use more of - it's swords.

Sadly, Law & Order: Game of Thrones will probably never exist outside of out imaginations. But we can always dream...and watch Game of Thrones online at TV Fanatic. 

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