Game of Thrones Super Mario Credits: Pure Nerdy Hilarity

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Dragons, princesses, keeping you glued to your television for hours on end...Game of Thrones and the Super Mario Brothers videogames have more in common than you might think, and a brilliant new YouTube clip mashes the unexpectedly similar worlds together:

Okay, so GoT and Super Mario part ways when it comes to things like violent castrations and stubby-legged Italian-American plumbers, but the video above - uploaded by NicksplosionFX - shows us that Westeros and the Mushroom Kingdom aren't as different as they initially seem.

Like last week's Game of Thrones character texts, the GoT/Mario mash-up shows us that with a few subtle changes the universe envisioned by George R.R. Martin could be a far less terrifying place:

After all, the Vanilla Fortress sounds like a way friendlier castle than the Dreadfort, and the occasional warp zone could certainly help Arya and the Hound out of a tight spot.

In order to fully appreciate Nicksplosion's attention to detail, we recommend checking out the side-by-side comparison between the original GoT credits and the Mario-ized version below: 

Then, when you're done laughing and ready to get back to the business of being shocked and horrified go watch Game of Thrones online at TV Fanatic. 

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