13 Scariest Disney Villains

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A story is only as good as its villain. Check out the 13 scariest Disney villains EVER. They are the things of nightmares.

13. Prince John

Prince John
Robin Hood's Prince John snuck into the throne while the real king, Richard, was off on the crusades. So the crusades weren't so great either, but John was worse.

12. Shere Kahn

Shere Kahn
Shere Kahn probably killed Mowgli's parents, adding him to the list of Disney orphans.

11. Madam Mim

Madam Mim
She was MAD, you guys! MAD MAD MAD!

10. Ursula

We don't even want to know what Ursula did to get kicked out of King Triton's castle, but after that stunt with Ariel, there was no way she was ever getting back.

9. Captain Hook

Captain Hook
Captain James Hook USED TO BE scary. Until Jake and his Neverland Pirates forced a complete rewrite of his dastardly history.

8. Hopper


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