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Jon Gosselin absolutely eviscerates ex-wife Kate Gosselin in tonight’s episode of VH1’s Couples Therapy, making his feelings toward his former spouse clear.

The long and short of it? "She can go and f–king die" for all he cares.

Jon Gosselin Slams Kate On Couples Therapy

On the reality show, Jon reveals he’s written a book about his life "but I’m just afraid to publish it," he says. "It took me two years … everything that happened."

The book, he says, is "my side … my feelings, my emotions."

It’s unclear if this is the same book, Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World, that resulted in lawsuits from Kate against Jon and Robert Hoffman.

It appears so, though, as he discusses her latest lawsuit on the show (above), causing some of his fellow cast members to questions Kate’s motives.

"Jon & Kate need to focus on eight," says The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ Taylor Armstrong, echoing the thoughts of many, in a confessional.


"That was my statement!" Jon Gosselin tells his housemates of how he reacted to the lawsuit from Kate. "You hate me more than you love your children."

Jon is later shown in a heated phone conversation with his former wife. "You don’t value me as a human or man," Gosselin says, directly to Kate.

Unable to hold back, Jon unleashes an f-bomb filled rant about "narcissistic" Kate Gosselin who can "go out and talk about the kids anytime she wants."

"She can go f–king die," he says at one point. "There’s your honest depiction of Kate Gosselin. So f–k it. Piece of f–king s–t. What a sh-tty human being."

[ —– Crickets —– ]

So, in summation:

  1. Tell us how you really feel, Jon, one of these years.
  2. Someone managed to upstage Farrah Abraham!