Farrah Abraham to Jenelle Evans: YOU SUCK at Parenting, Life!

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Teen Mom stars Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans, both of whom have made some scandalous headlines of late, are engaged in a serious feud.

Perhaps upset that Abraham and her sex tape have been stealing her tabloid thunder, Jenelle said Farrah has been “annoying the sh!t” out of her.

Farrah Abraham Cries on Teen Mom
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“Who do I sound like?” laughed Jenelle Evans on video sharing site Keek, before imitating a similar video Farrah recorded after her recent DUI arrest.

Now Farrah is firing back at “struggling” Jenelle, who she suggests has been “stalking” her and is mired in “drugs and bad relationships with men.”

She also says Jenelle sucks at parenting. True, but ouch!

“From one helpful and concerned Teen Mom to another Teen Mom, who is clearly struggling," began the Farrah Abraham sex tape star to her fellow MTV star.

"I think it is in your best interest to immediately detract from spouting jealous attacks towards myself and other successful, positive and great mothers."

Farrah doesn't lack for self-confidence, does she?

Abraham told Jenelle to “focus on making her marriage better, sorting out her drug addiction and helping her wonderful son that needs her in his life.”

“Jenelle has all the potential to turn her negatives in to a positive like I have," she tells Radar. “I wish Jenelle all the best in her future no matter what."

"If she is happy the way she is, that is her choice. But I will not be paying attention to her self destruction. I will continue to stay focused on improving my family."

Whether fornicating on film with James Deen is a productive way of doing that is a subject for another time, but she's clearly made her point re: Jenelle.

Previously, Jenelle labeled Farrah’s plastic surgery - a breast enhancement, rhinoplasty, chin implant and so forth - as “insane” and “not intelligent.”

It remains to be seen how she'll respond to Farrah's recent missive, but when you get arrested for heroin and assault, you may not have much of a leg to stand on.

Choose your side in this Teen Mom feud:

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