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For all the talk of how the elaborate Farrah Abraham sex tape scheme blew up in her face, the hot mess got the last laugh. Vivid has acquired the rights to it.

For nearly a million dollars.

Vivid CEO Steve Hirsch, who’s been interested in buying it from the get-go (whether it was staged or not), finally got the Teen Mom star to agree to terms.

Farrah was considering other offers for her faux sex tape / standard porn romp with James Deen, but Vivid won out in a deal that will near seven figures.

Its title, per the cover art above? “Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom.”

That’s just sensational on so many different levels. It’s only fitting that they would pay homage to Kim Kardashian, and the MTV show that started it all.

And backdoor moms. Because apparently, from what we’ve seen, she is one.

Guess money talks. For all her protestations about how this was a “private” matter and a personal keepsake, she was pretty quick to cash in in the end.

Not that anyone believed that nonsense anyway. Just saying.

Will you watch the Farrah Abraham sex tape?