Attention Ladies: You Could Date Alec Baldwin

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Alec Baldwin just can't find the right woman.

Some might say that's because he's a boorish, Saddam Hussein-like tyrant. Others might counter that it's not his fault his ex-wife, Kim Basinger, went insane.

Regardless, Baldwin might be turning to the Internets for help getting back onto the dating scene. In an interview in the February issue of Glamour, Baldwin says he's thought about online dating, and imagines the kind of responses he might get.

Alec Baldwin Says He's Innocent

"I could post my picture and say, 'People tell me I look like Alec Baldwin.' They'll go, 'Oh, I hate him' or 'Who the hell is he?'"

Since his split from Basinger, his wife of eight years, in 2002, Baldwin, has been linked to various women, including Sex and the City star Kristin Davis and lawyer Nicole Seidel.

But he says despite the swinging image that goes along with it, the life of a bachelor isn't easy (Lorenzo Borghese can certainly attest to that).

"You meet people who are great, but they're not who you want to turn the lights out with," said the Golden Globe nominated 30 Rock star.

In fact, the actor says he wants to feel the kind of love he once shared with Basinger, with whom he's now embroiled in an ugly custody battle over their 11-year-old daughter, Ireland.

"I would love to marry (again). I want to be in love again," Baldwin said. "I was in love when I was married, I'm not ashamed to say. I used to wake up in the morning and just look at (Kim) and say, 'What do you want for breakfast, baby? Special K with blueberries? Let me go get some.' "

If he does find the right woman, does the most famous of all those crazy Baldwin brothers want to have more children?

"Yes. The only time I'm truly happy is with my daughter. I can't think that this is my only shot at fatherhood," he said.

Alec, we have some good news for you: Courtney Love is not only single, but already doing the Internet dating thing. She's definitely your type.

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