You Can Date Courtney Love

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We're not sure how Billy Corgan feels about this.

But here's good news for anyone hoping to date a terrible speller:

Courtney Love is looking for a man. The Hole singer has informed fans, via her official website, that she's signed on to in order to meet the washed up rocker of her dreams.

Frances Bean Cobain and Courtney Love Photo 3

That's right, readers, if you wish to take Courtney out, all you need is an Internet connection. And a penchant for insanity.

Still, there are more desperate ways to find true love: You could star on a reality TV show, following in the footsteps of Lorenzo Borghese.

Or you could fake a stay in rehab in order to garner sympathy from future suitors. We're on to you, Lindsay Lohan.

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