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We know what the set of The Departed was filled with: great actors. From Matt Damon to Leonardo DiCaprio, there was no shortage of star power.

We also now know what was missing from this film’s set: condoms.

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Jack Nicholson admitted to never protecting himself during bedroom romps in an interview a few weeks ago. After talking with Howard Stern, it seems as though co-star, Alec Baldwin, also isn’t a friend of the rubber.

For some reason, Stern asked the actor yesterday: “What about your use of condoms? Do you use condoms with your girlfriend?”

The 30 Rock star replied, “No, never. I don’t go for them.”

And there you have it. While Scarlett Johansson and her twice yearly HIV tests would take issue with Baldwin, Stern echoed the sentiment of condom-nation.

The Gossip, meanwhile, recommends safe sex. But when your ex-wife, Kim Basinger, is possibly going insane, guess there’s more to worry about.