Tina Fey is Ready to (30) Rock!

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Once you star in Mean Girls - and, therefore, take part in the Lindsay Lohan experience - you can pretty much handle anything.

So it's doubtful the former Saturday Night Live head writer and star is worried too much about her debuting NBC sitcom, 30 Rock.

Tina Fey, Husband

Fey, 36, quit her SNL writing and Weekend Update co-hosting gigs to make her foray into prime time.

"Originally, I thought I'd stay and do Update. If I didn't have my daughter (Alice, 1), I might have been foolish enough to attempt that," she said. "But it seemed like it was organically time to be done with SNL."

The new show, of course, is loosely based on Fey's old job. She plays Liz Lemon, a writer on the late-night variety series The Girlie Show, when a volatile new star (Tracy Morgan) and mercurial new boss (Alec Baldwin) throw her professional life into disarray.

For Kim Basinger, of course, Baldwin did the same in her personal life.

With the weekend actually free now, Fey gets to spend more time with Alice and husband Jeff Richmond, a composer at SNL. She'll also need the time to continually explain how her show is NOT Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

The two shows are similar, sort of like the Olsen Twins. Hopefully, for Fey's take, however, 30 Rock is a lot more entertaining than those thin, nut jobs.


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