Famke Janssen Dreams of Greasy, Tasty Bacon

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We've talked in the past about how actress Famke Janssen is an angel when it comes to PETA and its campaigns for animal rights. While The Hollywood Gossip lauds any celebrity willing to stand up for their beliefs, we just can't stomach the notion that there aren't more important causes out there.

You know what we can stomach, however? Lots and lots of pork and other meat products. Not only do animals taste superb, they aid in the human population's survival. That is a beautiful thing. Just ask our girl Famke, spotted here making sure nothing's stuck in her teeth after devouring a heaping portion...

Wow. And we thought Lindsay Lohan had a one-track mind when it came to drug and alcohol abuse. Look at this display. All Famke can think about is crisp, juicy, sizzling strips of bacon. We're getting hungry just looking at this.

While Famke is sure to draw the ire of animal pals such as Pamela Anderson for putting that stuff inside her, Janssen can take comfort in the fact that she's never had Kid Rock inside her. And she can always count on Nicole Richie for support. For such an anorexic waste, that chick can take a burger like nobody's business.

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