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Channeling her inner Pete Doherty (and apparently in need of a lawyer as good as his), actress Kim Basinger may face 60 days in jail and a $12,000 fine when she makes an appearance in court tomorrow on 12 contempt of court charges.

Basinger is accused of breaching a custody agreement she shares with ex-husband Alec Baldwin, who claims she failed to notify him when she was out of town and also failed to inform him when their daughter, Ireland, suffered an injury that required medical attention.

Baldwin, who has been liked to Saddam Hussein by his former spouse, alleges the actress has a “pathological need” to keep Ireland away from her father, and that “her resentments are more precious to her than the emotional well-being of her child.”

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Odds are, of course, that Kim Basinger will get a mere slap on the wrist. And as usual, Basinger will continue to be insane and prevent Alec from seeing Ireland.

Now, the Gossip isn’t calling the man a saint (he’s no Stephen Baldwin) but we’re also not calling him a crazed criminal (he’s no Daniel Baldwin).

Seriously, the courts are so weak that it makes us wonder what the point of the whole charade is. When it comes to celebrities, the judicial system is seen the way Alec Baldwin thinks of condoms – an unnecessary nuisance.

The best-known Baldwin brother may be a tyrant bastard to fellow actors, but if Kim isn’t holding up her end of the parenting bargain, she should be reprimanded. Just like Nicole Richie and operating motor vehicles. You just can’t have this stuff going on.