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The war of words between Saddam Hussein Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger is heating up some more. Since their divorce in 2002, the stars have been involved in an ongoing custody battle over their daughter, Ireland.

In the October issue of GQ (in which he also made some interesting remarks about Tom Cruise), Baldwin unleashes a barrage of insults aimed at one of Basinger’s lawyers, Judy Bogen (pictured, left).

Specifically, he calls her a “300-pound homunculus whose face looks like a cross between a bulldog and a clenched fist. She’s this hideously angry-looking woman. She’d snarl and hiss.”

Alec Baldwin Says He's Innocent

Basinger‘s retort: “I am appalled by the statements made by Alec Baldwin in GQ. I am sickened by the fact that somebody can speak this way about another human being. My lawyers, Judy Bogen and Neal Hersh, have done nothing but fight to protect my daughter and me from this vile behavior. After reading this article, everybody will finally see what I’ve known and experienced for many years.”

People, people. Can’t we all just get along? If Alec’s brother, Stephen Baldwin, were here, he’d say the same thing… along with plenty of other inane things, such as how you will all rot in the fiery pits of hell unless you let him save your soul.