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Even the biggest Kim Kardashian critic has to hope that North West does not end up like Lindsay Lohan.

No one would ever wish that on his or her worst enemy.

But Nori is making like a character in Lohan's most memorable film in the following Instagram photo, which was posted over the weekend by Khloe Kardashian and which features her niece rocking some serious sunglasses.

North West in Sunglasses

"Stunna shades #YouCantSitWithUs," Khloe captioned the absurdly cute photo, referencing a line from Mean Girls with her hashtag.

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When the now-famous Kim Kardashian nude Paper magazine photos first hit the web, public opinion was decidedly split.

While the Sir Mix-A-Lots of the world found no cause for complaint, other, more reserved types stated their belief that Kim was setting a bad example for young girls, her own daughter included.

Kim Kardashian and Daughter North

Glee star Naya Rivera slammed Kim online, commenting, "You're somebody's mother," on one of the pics.

While rumors that Kim wanted to pose nude before she gets pregnant again continue to circulate, until very recently, Mrs. Kardashian-West had not spoken out about the relationship between her roles as nude icon and married mom.

Yesterday, Kim was asked in an Australian radio interview how she would feel if her 1-year-old daughter, North West, decided to pose nude in 20 years. Her response is sure to piss off plenty of Kardashian kritics:

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Reaction continues to pour in regarding the Kim Kardashian nude spread in Paper magazine, with most talk centering around the same question:

Kim is someone's mother. How could she flaunt her naked body in such a way?!?

Kardashian has responded that she posed in her birthday suit as a gift to herself, and now she's giving fans a look at herself as a mother.

Kim Kardashian and Daughter North

In the first of two Intagram photos posted yesterday, Kardashian and daughter North West are both dressed in black and both wearing serious expressions.

"What we're like in front of the paparazzi..." Kim humorously captioned the snapshot.

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Kim Kardashian is intent on making her daughter the most spoiled child on earth.

North West wears $50,000 diamond earrings. She eats an all-organic diet prepared by her personal chef. She fingerpaints on $10,000 Birkin bags.

But even knowing that Nori's upbringing makes Kim's childhood look like something out of Charles Dickens, we still have a hard time believing the latest rumor about North's lavish lifestyle.

Kim Kardashian Carries North West

London's Daily Mirror reports that Kim is looking into buying a private island off the coast of Queensland, Australia so that she can build a personal theme park for North.

We suppose it's possible, but it's a somewhat ridiculous claim when you consider that anyone who's seen Kim's Paper magazine photos knows that she already has plenty of available real estate for a theme park. 

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Ever since the Kim Kardashian Paper Magazine cover has hit the Internet, its nude subject has been hit with the same criticism over and over:

You're a mother! How could you?!? 

We'll let our readers debate whether or not it's appropriate for a parent to pose completely naked for the world to see, but here's the good news: it appears as if little North West has not yet seen the Kim Kardashian nude images in question.

We can't imagine she'd be smiling so broadly if she had...

Smiling North West

Kim appaarently took the toddler to the zoo today with her aunt, Kourtney Kardashian, writing as a caption to this cute picture:

"Zoo day!!!! my little lady loves animals so much!!!!"

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We've already heard about some of the insane choices that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have made with regard to raising their daughter:

North West wears $50,000 earrings and is already an integral part of "the first family of fashion."

She painted a $10,000 Birkin bag for Kim's birthday, and the Wests already make lil Nori sit through runway shows that would bore most adults to tears.

Kim, Kanye and North in Paris

Ironically, the celeb world's most immature couple wants their daughter to reach adulthood yesterday, so that she can hurry up and become the world's most respected fashion model/do-nothing reality star.

It's fine to have goals for your kids at any age (although Kimye's seem oddly specific), but if the latest report from OK! magazine is to be believed, Kim and Yeezy might be going too far to ensure their little girl grows up runway-ready:

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Kim Kardashian is keeping it in the family with her latest accessory.

While stepping out yesterday with Kanye West in Los Angeles, the former sex tape star was spotted holding a specially-designed Hermes handbag, one painted on by her very own daughter North West.

Get an up close and personal view at it in the following video:

At her 34th birthday celebration in Las Vegas last month, Kim talked to Us Weekly about the unique item.

"Kanye had a box [with an Hermes purse in it] and I opened it up and it was all painted really cool," Kardashian said of the customized luxury item. "And on my computer was this message that said 'Play,' and it was a video of my daughter sitting outside painting the purse."

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Kim Kardashian occasionally dresses her daughter in questionable outfits.

Case in point: that skunk costume for Halloween that we still can't get over. We're guessing young North West feels the same way.

Now, video cameras have caught Kim and Nori strolling through the airport in Los Angeles, with the latter decked out (we're talking head-to-toe) in a black ensemble that makes it clear she loves her daddy.

What do you think of the tyke's Yeezus Tour jacket?

We suppose it's just nice to see Kim getting along well with one of her relatives.

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Late last night, Kim Kardashian threw it back to Halloweens of yesterday and teased her Twitter followers that she has four costumes from which to choose today.

But while the reality star may still be keeping us in the dark regarding her final choice, Kim has come out via Instagram and revealed that her daughter is dressed like a ... skunk?!?


North West Halloween Costume

"A skunk is on the loose!!!! My little stinker is waiting to show daddy her costume," Kim wrote as a caption to the above image. "Halloween has started early this morning."

Don't get us wrong: North West is frickin adorable.

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Cheating charges! Secret incriminating tapes! THE DIRTIEST DIVORCE EVER!!!

According to the latest issue of In Touch Weekly, Kim Kardashian should take a break from waist training and find the best attorney she can afford.

Because she's involved in an intense custody battle with Kanye West over their daughter North. Oh no!

Kimye Divorce Battle?

A totally non-made-up source tells the tabloid that Kimye’s marriage is on “life support” following an ugly fight that took place late last week.

See, Kanye told Kim he was planning to move to Paris full-time and “it was like a sucker punch to the back of her head," writes the tabloid. "She screamed back that there was no way in hell he was taking North, then ran out of the room sobbing.”

That sounds terrible!

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