Lindsay Lohan is a troubled actress that hasn't starred in a mainstream movie in years. The star has been arrested for drug possession...

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Lindsay Lohan was on a roll last week.

First, Lindsay forgot her lines and generally bombed during opening night of her new play.

Then she gave what might be the most hilariously delusional interview of her career, telling Time Out London that she sees an Oscar and Mean Girls 2 in her future.

Lindsay Lohan GQ Awards Photo

But as much as she's completely lost touch with reality these days, Lindsay is still occasionally capable of self-awareness and honesty.

We seldom see this side of Lindsay (which is funny because anyone who's been to Lohan's Instagram page knows that she shows just about every side), but she let it out recently when she responded to criticism that she sucked on stage by basically shrugging and saying what we were all thinking:

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Even though early reviews for Lindsay Lohan's stage debut have been beyond terrible, the hard-partying actress has still been hitting the town rather than studying her lines at night.

Lindsay Lohan Drunk In London
Lindsay looking rouch in London. Think she's been partying too hard?

But it's not all fun and games for LiLo. No, sources say she's realized this acting thing might not be her bread and butter after all, and she's hard at work on Plan B - landing herself a rich sugar daddy to fund her many, many habits!

Linds had a reliable sugar daddy named Patrick Mahony, but apparently things didn't work out and she's on the prowl, once again. This time, in search of an older, wealthier sucker:

"LiLo wants a rich Brit and doesn't care how old he is," a source tells Star magazine. "She's asking everyone she knows to find her a sugar daddy. She doesn't even seem embarrassed to ask."

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Even though Lindsay Lohan's stage debut in London was an utter disaster, the troubled "actress" remains as delusional as ever when discussing her future.

In a recent interview to promote her thus-far disastrous turn in David Mamet's Speed the Plow, LiLo discussed her five year plan and it's every bit as insane as you might expect.

Lindsay Lohan in the Hamptons

"In five years I would like to be married and have children and hopefully be at the Oscars, but that's as far as it goes now."

Gotta love how Lindsay rattles off a bunch of impossible feats and then basically shrugs like it's no big deal. "Ya know, maybe check out Neptune, cure Ebola. The usual."

The interviewer followed that up by asking about Mean Girls, because Lindsay's last successful movie from a decade ago is one of the few interview topics that won't cause her to bury her face in a pile of blow:

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For months now, we've been hearing that Lindsay Lohan's stage debut will be the key to reviving her long-dead career.

Nobody thought it was possible, but hey, we believe in 4,772nd chances so we decided to reserve judgment until the reviews came in.

Well, guess what? Wednesday was Lindsay's big opening night, and the reviews are in. And they're bad. Really bad. Like...pretty much as bad as everything else that Lindsay has done post-Mean Girls.

And as as just about everyone predicted, the biggest problem with the West End debut of David Mamet's Speed the Plow is Lindsay herself. 

Lindsay Lohan: Loaded in London
Lindsay getting some assistance in London. Hey, walking is hard!

Not only could Lohan not remember her lines, she was reportedly such a mess on stage that the audience erupted in derisive laughter on multiple occasions.

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James Franco was one of the many names named on the Lindsay Lohan sex list that leaked back in March.

No one was surprised by the confirmation that Linds had banged a lot of dudes, but James was apparently very surprised to find his name on the list for the simple reason that Franco never slept with Lohan.

  • James Franco Red Carpet Image
  • Lindsay Lohan GQ Awards Photo

At least that's what he claims, and we're inclined to believe him based on the fact that Lohan's had plenty of opportunities to call him out as a liar, but has declined to do so.

These days, James so desperately wants the world to know that he never caught whatever Linds is spreading that he's basically introduced a new literary sub-genre with one simple message: Hey world, I totally never boned Lindsay Lohan!

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As you've likely heard by now - the hackers are back.

When nude Jennifer Lawrence photos were leaked online earlier this month, they signaled the start of a widespread digital theft campaign targeted at female celebrities.

The hackers were never caught, but the photos were deleted from the sites where they'd been posted, and the people responsible were rumored to be on the run.

Now, however, it looks as though the first round of "leaks" may have been just the beginning, as nude photos of Kim Kardashian and several other women were uploaded to 4Chan and Reddit over the weekend.

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay may have successfully devalued her private pics by posing nude for Playboy, but we're sure there a lot of guys out there who still want to see what she looks like un-Photoshopped. The answer is freckly. She looks freckly.

While most people wondered how this could happen again, some of us asked a less pressing but equally puzzling question:

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Suri Cruise. Shiloh Pitt. Nori West. Prince George. Blue Ivy Carter.

These celebrity offspring are the result of two near-perfect specimens coming together to reproduce. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West? Not perfect.

But they sure do make cute babies. (RIP Joan Rivers.)

We thought we'd take a look at a few other celebrity face mashups to see what the resulting individual might look like. The results? Take a look:

Emma Watson and Anna Kendrick
Is it just us or do Emma Watson and Anna Kendrick make the most beautiful woman in the world?

The results? The results are freaking perfection, that's what!

Seriously, could science just hurry up and figure out a way to let Emma Watson and Anna Kendrick morph genetically and become one person?

It's 2014! Why isn't this possible!?! We have no idea.

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When it comes to Hollywood rumors about celebrity behavior, many of them are just plain lies. But when you start to hear the same rumor over and over and over?

Well, maybe there's actually some truth to it.

So let's tackle the rumors about actors everyone hates to work with. Some of these stories are so bad it's surprising these stars can find work at all.

Katherine Heigl
Katherine Heigl's hard-to-work with waysled to her leaving Grey's Anatomy.

Katherine Heigl's fall from grace was well-documented. In rant after rant, she attacked both her costars and the writers of Grey's Anatomy, making her Public Celebrity #1. 

After disappearing from the limelight, Heigl is returning to television this fall on NBC's State of Affairs. She seems to have matured while spending time with her kids.

Here's hoping she doesn't devolve into her Diva-like ways, but we're not holding our breath. Either way, Katie is far from alone in the diva department ...

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Following the stunning revelation that water is wet, we learned today that Lindsay Lohan is an attention-starved liar who genuinely believes she's been victimized by the world. 

Lindsay Lohan: Cocaine Nose?
Some Instagram users have suggested that Lindsay has visible cocaine in her nostril here. Sadly, we wouldn't be surprised.

In a recent interview with The Daily Beast, Lindsay claimed she "rolled Whitney Houston's body bag" while serving out a community service sentence at the LA County morgue in 2012.

Now, in a twist that's sure to shock absolutely no one, the coroner's office has revealed that Lohan's story is total BS.

A spokesperson for the morgue issued a statement to TMZ claiming that no one in Lindsay's program ever came in contact with Houston's body. Additionally, Houston was never in a body bag.

So it looks as though we've got another classic Lohan lie: self-aggrandizing, nonsensical - the type of mind-boggling you'd might expect if 4-year-olds were allowed access to alcohol.

The sad thing is, by this point in her "career," she probably believes every word that comes out of her own mouth.

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It's difficult to keep track of Lindsay Lohan's many, many brushes with the law, but you may recall that back in 2011, she was forced to serve court-ordered community service in the LA County Morgue after being found guilty of shoplifting.

Lindsay talked about working at the morgue in her latest interview, and even though at the time at the time she was serving her sentence she described the experience as "humbling" and "amazing," she's now singing a different tune:

Recently, Linds sat down with London's Telegraph to promote her upcoming West End play Speed the Plow, but naturally she just ended up whining about how hard it is to be Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan Drunk In London
Lindsay looking rouch in London. Think she's been partying too hard?

After - according to the interviewer - showing up late and reeking of booze (of course), Linds launched into one of her signature gripe sessions, this time weirdly focusing on the 120 hours of community service she completed almost three years ago.

Not surprisingly, she claims her time at the morgue was pretty dark. But hey, at least she got to meet famous people!

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