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Ariana Grande is collaborating with Chris Brown these days.

On music, of course, but also when it comes to her appearance apparently.

With Brown very well known for his inked-up body, Grande has taken to Instagram to show off her new neck tattoo.

It appears to read “Mille tendresse,” which translate to a “thousand tendernesses” in French, and which is taken from the Truman Capote novel “Breakfast At Tiffany’s.”

Ariana Grande Neck Tattoo

What do you think of Grande's permanent piece of artwork?

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Think you are the biggest LeBron James fan on the planet?

Think again.

An unidentified Miami Heat fan recently stopped by the South Florida juice bar owned by LeBron's wife, Savannah Brinson, and posed for a photo with his idol while holding up his shirt to reveal a RIDICULOUS LeBron tattoo.

Ridiculously awesome? Ridiculously terrifying? Ridiculously loyal? You tell us.

6 Wild and Totally Crazy Tattoos
Think you're the biggest LeBron James fans in the world? This guy may have you beat.
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LeBron James Back Tattoo

1. LeBron James Back Tattoo

Think you're the biggest LeBron James fans in the world? This guy may have you beat.

Family Guy Tattoo

2. Family Guy Tattoo

Oops! Some dude got this tattoo of Brian from Family Guy... only for the show to then reveal he's actually alive.

Mastectomy Tattoo

3. Mastectomy Tattoo

Facebook has changed its policy to allow photos like this one showing the results of females' mastectomies.

O.J. Simpson Tattoo

4. O.J. Simpson Tattoo

A Buffalo Bills fan got this O.J. Simpson tattoo. And is officially an idiot.

Netflix Tattoo

5. Netflix Tattoo

This guy got a Netflix tattoo. That is serious dedication to the cause.

Mitt Romney Logo Tattoo

6. Mitt Romney Logo Tattoo

This guy got a tattoo of Mitt Romney's logo. ON HIS FACE.

James, however, was impressed by this massive piece of ink.

"This dude came into the @thejuicespot with his lady today," he wrote on Instagram along with the photo. "Got him some juices and showed me this while he was at it. Had to take a flick with him #WOW #WitnessHistory #StriveForGreatness"

In related news: Savannah Brinson owns a juice bar?!?

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We've already seen Justin Bieber in jail, trying to pass a sobriety test by walking a straight line.

We've also seen Bieber getting searched by police just hours after being arrested for drunk driving and drag racing.

But now the Miami Police Department has released a handful of Bieber photos snapped by authorities to keep a record of Justin's identifying marks; i.e. his plethora of tattoos.

They're the focus of the following gallery, as Justin is forced to slide up his sleeves and raise up his shirt (oooh yeah!!!) in order for police to officially photograph his ink.

Click through these intimate booking shots now:

Justin Bieber Arrest Photos
Justin Bieber doesn't look thrilled in this close-up. No wonder. He had just been arrested for DUI.
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Justin Bieber Arrest Photo

1. Justin Bieber Arrest Photo

Justin Bieber doesn't look thrilled in this close-up. No wonder. He had just been arrested for DUI.

Justin Bieber Arrest Picture

2. Justin Bieber Arrest Picture

Justin Bieber poses here not long after his arrest for drunk driving and drag racing. The photo was released by the Miami Police Department.

Justin Bieber Back Tattoos

3. Justin Bieber Back Tattoos

Yup, Justin Bieber has tattoos on his back as well. He's forced to show them off here by the Miami Police Department.

Justin Bieber Torso

4. Justin Bieber Torso

This is not your typical Justin Bieber shirtless photo. This was one snapped by the Miami Police Department.

Justin Bieber and His Tattoos

5. Justin Bieber and His Tattoos

Justin Bieber shows off his tattoos in this picture, not that he has a choice. The Miami PD made him do so after they arrested him for DUI.

Justin Bieber, All Tatted Up

6. Justin Bieber, All Tatted Up

Justin Bieber is asked to raise his sleeve and show off his sleeve of tattoos in this Miami Police Department arrest picture.

The Arm of Justin Bieber

7. The Arm of Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber shows off his arm tattoos in this close-up. It was snapped the night of his arrest by the Miami Police Department.

Justin Bieber Arm Tattoos

8. Justin Bieber Arm Tattoos

Justin Bieber has a tattoo of a jester on his arm. That's the focus of this Miami Police Department photo.

Justin Bieber Music Note Tattoo

9. Justin Bieber Music Note Tattoo

Justin Bieber has many tattoos. This one is of a music note.

Justin Bieber Jesus Tattoo

10. Justin Bieber Jesus Tattoo

Justin Bieber has a tattoo of Jesus Christ on his left calf. We wonder how Jesus would react to some of this singer's actions.

Justin Bieber Leg Tattoo

11. Justin Bieber Leg Tattoo

The Miami Police Department takes a close-up of Justin Bieber's calf tattoo in this arrest photo.

Justin Bieber Bible Verse Tattoo

12. Justin Bieber Bible Verse Tattoo

This is a close-up of Justin Bieber's tattoo. It cites a bible verse.

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Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton has always been known as a major trend-setter, but what if she were a trendy hipster with purple hair and covered in tattoos?

The Internet, being the Internet, has provided that very visual. Enjoy!

Kate Middleton Tattoos

Maybe there's a parallel universe somewhere where Prince William is inked-up with black-rimmed glasses and gelled hair alongside his punk princess bride.

At least in the mind of Seattle-based artist Cheyenne Randall, there is.

The image of William and Kate Middleton was created for a new art project, which we can only assume (or hope) he received an A for, because wow.

He has a "slight obsession with seeing, out of pure curiosity, what some ... iconic personalities would look like, perhaps if they were in a parallel universe."

Mission accomplished, Cheyenne. Job well done.

On a related note, tabloids like to wonder what it would be like if William got Kate Middleton pregnant again out of curiosity too. Only they report it as fact.

Back to the pic, you gotta admit, she actually looks pretty good in the photoshopped image. That's Kate for you. LITERALLY impossible to make ugly.

Do you agree? What do you think of tattooed Kate?! Should Randall doctor another pic to make a tattooed Pippa Middleton and/or Prince Harry next?

Tell us your reactions in the comments, and for more images of her you wouldn't expect (but are actually real), see these Kate Middleton bikini photos:

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Torz Reynolds, a 26-year-old British woman, had an interesting reaction to her boyfriend cheating on her. She literally cut him off ... or at least the tattoo of his name.

In a heartwarming story worthy of Valentine's Day 2014, she sliced off the ink, then sent the skin to him in the mail, along with a photo of her half-dissected arm.

Torz Reynolds Photo

Reynolds, of Colchester, UK, said 24-year-old Stuart "Chopper" May claimed he was moving to Alaska to pursue a job, but it turned out he was just shacking up with a new lady.

When Torz found out, she tore him a new one ... and used a scalpel to remove the entire section of skin where the words "Chopper's Bitch" were tattooed on her.

The fact that she had "Chopper's Bitch" inked on her in the first place?

That tells you a lot here. Just saying. Anyway, boy was she PISSED!

Reynolds numbed the area with Vasocaine spray before slicing a rectangle around the area, then using tweezers to peel it off the skin. It's as bad as it sounds.

Or worse. CLICK HERE for the NSFW pic of the removed tattoo.

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Ireland Baldwin is not shy.

Fortunately, unlike her occasionally insane father, the 18-year old doesn't express her personality via a series of violent and ugly tirades against the press.

Instead, she takes alluring photos of herself!

There was this Ireland Baldwin topless picture on Instagram, these shots of Ireland in a bikini and now a pair of brand new selfies.

The first shows off Baldwin's bra tattoo; the second, her butt.

  • Ireland Baldwin Tattoo Selfie
  • Ireland Baldwin Butt

Baldwin kept the captions to these pictures short and simple, writing "zzzzzzzzz" for the first and "#2014" for the second.

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Two girls under the age of 13 were reportedly given tattoos by a babysitter who was subsequently arrested - as was the kids' mother, for how she responded.

Three Virginia adults in all - the babysitter, mother, and her boyfriend - were all charged with felony child abuse after the situation went from bad to worse.

Much worse.

According to reports, Alexander Edwards (left), 20, recently decided to give the young girls tattoos while they were under his care. It's not clear why, or of what.

Soon enough, their mother, Melissa Delp (center), and her boyfriend, Daniel Janney (right), returned home and saw what Edwards allegedly did to them.

At that point, Janney tried to remove the tattoos himself ... by burning them off.

"There was an effort to cover these tattoos up," said a sheriffs' department officer of the children. "It didn’t help the situation any. It added more scarring."

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Justin Bieber is all about love.

Well, not when it comes to his neighbor, whose home Bieber almost definitely egged, causing $20,000 in damage and possibly setting himself up with felony charges.

But when it comes to his tattoos.

The artist got THREE new pieces of ink over the weekend, first posting a photo to Instagram of a court jester on his right forearm.

On Sunday, he then unveiled a compass along his right bicep, following it up with a photo of the word "Love" alongside the jester on Monday.

  • Justin Bieber Jester Tattoo
  • Justin Bieber Compass Tattoo
  • Justin Bieber Love Tattoo

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In a word? OOPS!

Following the apparent death of Brian on Family Guy a few weeks ago, one dedicated nut job fan mourned the late canine in the only way he saw appropriate: via a tattoo of the dog along with the simple letters "RIP."

Of course, there's just one problem: Brian was resurrected on Family Guy Season 12 Episode 8, which aired this past Sunday and which featured Stewie going back in time to bring back his deceased pal.

Hmmm... we can think of one other person who wishes he had a time machine right about now.

Family Guy Tattoo

Note to this dude: you can watch Family Guy online at TV Fanatic and laugh your way through the tears of this tattoo decision.

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The tattoos just keep on coming for Justin Bieber, along with the selfies to document them so fans can see him attempting to appear sort of hardcore.

This time around, the 19-year-old Canadian pop star, who is in Australia for his Believe World Tour, got an eagle on his already heavily inked left arm.

Because nothing's more badass than the symbol of America, baby.

Justin Bieber Shirtless Tattoo Picture

Following his performance in Sydney, Bieber Tweeted "just got off stage bout to get tatted." And so he did, as evidenced by a series of sultry selfies.

In the first pic (above), he looks tired following his latest concert.

Giving the camera a dazed look, Bieber is shirtless, flaunting his abs and boxers and looking only slightly more awake than when Tati Neves filmed him.

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