Ariana Grande "Fixes" Misspelled Tattoo ... But Now It's Worse

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We love Ariana Grande so much ... but that doesn't make this any less funny.

So the beloved singer horribly mispelled her new palm tattoo. Twitter called her out on it, and she had it fixed.

Except that the new version is ... still wrong.

Ariana Grande Among Blossoms

Ariana Grande's latest single, "7 Rings," is a delightful listen.

Yes, she was accused of stealing some of the lyrics, ore at least the tone of the lyrics.

But Ariana wanted to commemorate the song with a tattoo.

(Clearly Pete Davidson rubbed off on her during their engagement, and we don't just mean, you know, sexually)

Ariana decided to go with Japanese characters and with an almost unimaginably painful palm tattoo.

Getting a palm tattoo is kind of like getting a tattoo on your eyeball or genitals: maybe don't.

Ariana Grande tattoo

In Ariana's case, and we say this with love, but the tattoo was a huge mistake.

She shared a pic of it, only to learn that it was totally wrong.

"Ariana Grande’s new tattoo means Japanese style bbq grill, not 7 rings," multiple Twitter users pointed out.


Ariana saw the mistake, explained that the tattoo process had been so agonizing that she stopped, and even shared the "corrected" version.

But ... that wasn't right, either.

Ariana Grande Tattoo "Fixed" - Japanese BBQ Finger

A reporter for Buzzfeed Japan pointed out on Twitter that Ariana's "fixed" tattoo isn't right, either.

The tweet reads: "Why... how... now Ariana’s tattoo reads 'Japanese BBQ finger.'"

She added a new character, but not in the right place, and it absolutely changes the meaning of the word.

We hope that we don't have to explain why "BBQ finger" is worse than "BBQ" alone. That's ... that's cannibalism.

Ariana seems to be embarrassed, because she's no longer posting references to that tat.

Perhaps she will have it removed. if so, she should brace herself.

Tattoos aren't like burn books. You can't just scratch through somebody's name and turn a page.

Ariana Grande: Thank U, Next Burn Book

Ariana is far from the first to flub a tattoo.

There's a gag in Fresh Off The Boat when one of the characters is crowded by white people showing off their Chinese tattoos.

She points to one and shares that it means "toaster."

She points to another and notes that it means nothing, but is merely a tic-tac-toe board.

This gag was based upon countless people who have gotten meaningless tattoos, treating other languages as exotic art rather than as ... language.

Ariana Grande New Single 7 Things

Are there elements of racism and colonialism behind people in general getting totally wrong Asian tattoos?

Maybe? Sure? We don't think that Ariana meant it that way at all. It seems clear that it matters to her.

And we should also point out that random words go in both directions.

There are countless examples of shirts and other merchandise sold in China, South Korea, and Japan with random English words.

A single shirt might read "trashcan." A child might wear a shirt with an expletive.

Some could argue that this form of naive cultural appreciation is part of a larger tradition of exchange between East and West.

Ariana Grande Instagram

Ariana has not yet officially responded to the second tattoo error.

Maybe she's just going to live with it as a learning experience.

Or maybe she'll test out her tattoos on paper first, make sure that they meet approval, and then get them on viable places in the future.

Your palm and fingertips have so many nerve endings. Repeatedly jabbing them with a needle is just ... a mistake.

Ariana is free to decorate her body however she likes, but we'd love to see her do so more thoughtfully.

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