Cole DeBoer Gets Questionable Tattoo In Honor of Chelsea Houska!

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Most tattoo artists will tell you that couples tattoos are a jinx.

No one knows why, but it seems the universe simply can't resist the allure of laughing at someone who gets permanently inked in honor of their significant other, only to watch the relationship crumble within a matter of months.

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer as a Pair

To be clear, we do not think that's what's gonna happen to the Teen Mom franchise's most stable couple.

Still, Cole DeBoer's tattoo commemorating his proposal to Chelsea Houska is a bit of a cringe.

Cole shared his newest ink in an Instagram photo album on Thursday.

"More additions from the master artist himself @robbie_portfolio51 the scene of me proposing to my beautiful wife @chelseahouska and one badass eagle!!!!" he captioned the pic.

Cole DeBoer Tattoo

Now, before you race to the comments to flame us for doing the unthinkable and criticizing Cole, let us just say that the sentiment is beautiful, and the technical execution of the tattoo is very impressive.

But relationship tatts are always questionable, and getting a scene from your life etched into your flesh in photo-realistic detail is a little creepy.

Like, Cole now has a tattoo of himself on his arm.

Again, we understand the motivation behind the tatt, but it just seems like the sort of thing that might not age terribly well.

Cole DeBoer Has Many Tattoos

And we're really, really hoping getting a tattoo of your proposal photo doesn't become a trend.

But hey we're sure Chelsea appreciated it and eagles, as a species, are probably pretty happy with being depicted on Cole's forearm.

After all, this is the guy that recently saved Chelsea Houska's life.

And we don't mean he swooped in and gave her new hope following her messy breakup from Adam Lind.

Cole DeBoer's Ink

We mean Chelsea was choking, and Cole swooped in and administered a life-saving Heimlich maneuver.

Suddenly, your husband remembering to switch over the laundry like you asked doesn't seem as heroic, does it, Karen?!

Obviously, we ragged on Cole's choices in skin art a bit today, but the guy really does seem like a decent and genuine partner to Chelsea and a truly devoted father.

We'd say he's the best baby daddy in the Teen Mom franchise, but that would be damning him with faint praise.

We're pretty sure a plastic bag on a stick could've claimed that title before Cole came along.

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