Chelsea Houska: Check Out My Huge New Tattoo, Y'all!

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When you think of Teen Moms with tattoos, Chelsea Houska is probably not the first person who comes to mind.

Probably the first person who comes to mind is that nightmare-inducing version of little baby Leah on Amber Portwood's torso.

Chelsea Houska in PJs

Or maybe you think of Jenelle Evans, with her malformed leopard and that classic "YOLO" piece on her chest.

Or hey, maybe your brain tries to protect you from remembering the cursed images of those particular tattoos and you think of Kailyn Lowry, who has two full sleeves that are actually pretty well-done.

We could talk about Teen Mom tattoos all day -- there really are so many beautiful, timeless pieces to discuss.

But today, we're here to talk about Chelsea's ink.

Houska, C.

(Seriously though, remember Amber's tattoo? How do you think it's holding up? Does it haunt your dreams, too?)

Chelsea actually has several tattoos, most of them are just really small so you may not remember them.

She's got a little bitty skull on her ankle, some words in cursive in various places, that kind of thing.

Chelsea Houska in a Gold Blazer

She also has some flowers on the back of her neck, that one's actually kind of big.

But over the weekend, Teen Mom fans learned that Chelsea has added another big ol' flower to her body.

Check it out!

Chelsea's new tattoo

Yep, it's a black and grey sunflower right on her arm there, see it?

It's pretty hard to miss.

She showed off the tattoo in her latest round of fashion modeling on Instagram Live -- she's been selling clothes for a while now, and using her large social media following to bring in customers.

It's hard to say when she actually got it, because she didn't talk about it at all.

Chelsea's new tattoo again

She's been trying on clothes on Instagram for several months now, but of course up until now, there have been lots of jackets and sweaters and other long-sleeved pieces.

The same is true for her photos on Instagram.

What can we say -- the girl loves a good denim jacket.

The last time she showed off that particular part of her arm was last October, so she got it sometime between then and now.

Cole and Chelsea De Boer

It looks fine, right?

Yeah, it's a little large, but if she likes it, obviously that's what's important.

It may even be the start of a sleeve -- can you imagine?!

How are you feeling about the newest Teen Mom tattoo?

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