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Mackenzie McKee will miss her mother forever and ever.

But the Teen Mom OG star has found a way to honor Angie Douthit… that will also last forever and ever.

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A few days before Angie died of brain cancer, McKee shared with Instagram followers a new tattoo that sends the sort of message her mother had been trying to pass along for the past two years:

Always Be Kind.

These words comprised one of the hashtags Angie often used in her endless array of posts, nearly all of which were used to inspire supporters throughout her cancer journey.

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This brave journey came to an end on Monday.

"On Monday, December 9 at 11:37pm, Angie finished her race," a caption on Angie’s Instagram account read yesterday, beginning after a selection from 1 Corinthians 11:1.

"Her last days were spent lovingly surrounded by family and friends as they prayed, sang, and shared funny Angie stories," the post continued, going on as follows:

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Angie found out about her cancer in January 2018.

She wanted to keep everyone informed of what was going on so she made a social media post. The next day she made another. And then another.

And what started as an easy way to convey information turned into wildfire of hope that spread over the world.

She wasn’t able to sleep an entire night so she would wake up around 3am to write her posts.

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"We watched her get up everyday in the darkest hours of the night to spread the brightest light that she knew of, her Savior Jesus Christ," the caption added.

"There were times when she wrote her posts through pain and confusion.

"There were times at the end when she couldn’t type and would ask her daughters to type for her but she would not give up spreading the gospel message of hope."

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For her part, McKee shared a heartfelt tribute to her mother, who was diagnosed about two years ago with cancer and who never shied away from talking about it in public.

She served as an inspiration to so many – none more than Mackenzie.

"Momma, i did not deserve you," wrote her famous daughter.

"But you loved me so unconditionally."

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"You were the glue that held me together," she added.

"The one who always believed in me. Idk what I will do without you but I hope this goes by fast so I can hurry and come be with you."

Angie, pictured below, had entered hospice care on December 6, a few months after doctors told her that the disease had spread and there was nothing else they could do.

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"You passed a torch down to us and I will not fail you," concluded McKee in her first post since losing her beloved parent, adding:

"I will live for Christ and love like him like you always taught me. I will make you proud momma."

To this end, Mackenzie has now shared many touching tributes to the woman who raised her.

Mackenzie McKee Looks Sad

Wrote the Teen Mom star, who has recently returned to the forefront of the franchise that made her famous years ago, as a caption:

Mom was so excited to go watch the kids in their Christmas program.

It has been a long exhausting week but we somehow made it to the concert and Jaxie was so happy to wear one of her chemo hats. Her favorite.

May Angie Douthit rest in peace. Our thoughts are with Mackenzie and her family during this time.