Tina Seals Files for Maternity of Blue Ivy Carter

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The Jay Z-Beyonce divorce rumors just got a whole lot juicier.

A woman named Tina Seals has reportedly filed a maternity lawsuit in Manhattan in which she claims to be the mother of Blue Ivy Carter, Jay Z and Beyonce's only child.

The rumored legal document alleges that Seals is seeking "to verify whether she is the biological mother" of the toddler and that she was "previously associated" in some way with defendants "Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z Carter."

The case is labeled 1:14-cv-06219-UA.

[UPDATE: We're pretty certain Tina Seals is not Blue's mom.]

It's nearly unheard of for a woman to file a maternity lawsuit because this somehow means Seals believes SHE gave birth to Blue Ivy instead of Beyonce... which is just an odd thing for the latter to have covered up and/or the former to have allowed.

Could she have had an affair with Jay Z, given the child up for adoption to the couple and is now having second thoughts?

It's unclear, and it could be complete BS - but this scandal comes amidst incessant chatter that Jay Z and Beyonce are on the outs.

They've been touring together for weeks, but many close to the stars say the singers scarcely talk off stage and that "no one will be surprised" when they split.

Jay Z, meanwhile, has been rumored to have stepped out on Beyonce with everyone from Rihanna to some artist named Liv... and now with Tina Seals as well. Or perhaps she acted as a surrogate.

For what it's worth, talk did spring up on October 2011 that Beyonce was wearing a prosthetic belly and faking her pregnancy (notice the alleged fold in this photo?), an allegation the artist's rep labeled as "ridiculous."

Knowles responded to the negative talk about her marriage last weekend by posing on Instagram in a Carter jersey, making it clear which team she supposedly remains on.

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she had a big axx stomach.....so you're saying that was fake??? They don't want nobody in their business. Or do you think it's the sisters baby???


With big time money they can pay off any one to say she's lying even if a test is


Complete bull.... All of it.


This is the same woman who filed lawsuits last year claiming to had giving birth to Michael Jackson's kids & Kanye's daughter. Lol, throw this delusional thing into mental facility.


i dunno....but is it just a coincidence that bk in 2011 beyonce was accused of using one of those fake belly things and now some woman is claiming to be her surrogate?....hmmm


I believe this women did give birth , beyonce just imagined she was pregnant


I wouldn't be shocked if they did eventually admit to having used a surrogate but wouldn't they have still used one of Bey's eggs??? I guess if Bey has fertility problems they might have used one of the surrogate's eggs. But if this is the case, they should have just been honest from the start. I'm sure there are many of Bey's fans and women in general who could relate if there was a fertility issue.


I'm pretty sure everybody knows that Beyoncé didn't give birth to blue. The truth will come out soon. She only had blue to help her career.

@ JasmineM

1) her career doesnt need help
2) i dont know what kind of mental defectives are capable of thinking someone would create life to help their careers. Are you insane??


What a BS lawsuit. That little girl is both Beyonce and Jay Z's little girl. She looks just like both of them. I'm sure doctor and the nurse that helped deliver Blue can clear this story up. Only they know the truth.


When this is all over the truth will prevail. Knowles lies about her lip synching ,why wouldn't she lie about having a baby? As we all know, her bump looked phony.

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