Beyonce Labels Fake Pregnancy Rumors as "Ridiculous, False"

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Yes, folks, Beyonce really is pregnant.


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    beyonce has the right to privacy and having a baby with a serogate is not a crime but everyone want her to carry her own baby, but if there was a problem don't be ashamed to say, other stars use serogate to carry their baby, when ive blue get big she would want to know her serogate mother, children has that instinct to know who is their real mother.


    When Beyonce came out on the vma,awards I thought she was and I was with her,until I seen this pillow or fake thing she had under her dress. My eyes didn't decieve me I saw what I seen! How do people really know that she gave birth that all could be fake too! She had to go to the hospital,that makes the lie more believeable! I know that all people are entitled to there own privacy,Dam! That couple is over the top with it.At least share somthing with your fans! She didn't embrace her pregnacy with the world at was okay I'm pregnant! " she rubbing her stomach" then she go on this talk interview and now I see something lifting,folding and bending. What the HELL! I was done with it at that moment then a couple of months later the baby here. Somthing isn't right. It has no effect on me I'm just commenting.


    Some stars get paid according to their bodies. She want to continue to make money so she dont want the stress of having a baby and messing up her shape thats why they use surrogates. Real women have their own babies. Also that aint how a pregnant woman sits down. Her stomach dont fold like that. what about changes in facial features. beyonce face did not look like that of a pregnant woman. only thing changed was that fake ass bump her mother made. it will come out soon cause after the surrogate collects her money she gonna get more money from The Enquirer. she is gonna tell if she know that was Beyonces baby she had.


    Beyonce and Jay Z been sleeping together for 10 years without a condom. why she didnt get pregnant then? You cant say Im ready to have a baby and it happens tommorrow.I believe Beyonce cant have kids. She used a surrogate. And by the way she had that baby fast. Im sorry Beyonce fans yall been PRANKED!


    All the stars who were are who still are pregnant rather bare or covered belly has something Beyonce didnt have. Why wasnt her navel sticking out like most pregnant women? whats up with that?


    That is not even her, the first pic show a busted person, with two damn double chins and a ridiculous hanging large bottom lip!! come on you guys, I do not even like Beyonce like that and clearly knows that that is not her


    Its her lyf..wht the heck


    leave beyonce alone shes clearly pregant she is 6 months gone now


    It s her own problems!What that has to do with us?Every one has his own...The most important is that she helps somebody to grow up as a Mother...And she will make it!


    poor beyonce i know shes not preg i dont think she can hav kids i feel for her but this does not excuse her from lying mybe if she turned her faith back to our lord he can bless her with a child u never kw what goes on behind closed doors beyonce the truth will set u free. face it b you have been exsposed.omg

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