29 Most Awful, Ridiculous Food Product Names Ever (WTH is #19?!)

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Given the massive importance companies assign to marketing and branding, you'd think they would pick product names that weren't easily ridiculed.

You would be wrong.

Don't call your food something offensive at worst and subject to easy mockery at best. Simple enough task, right? These epic name fails prove otherwise.

This memo doesn't always reach the bigwigs upstairs. Yes, some of these are lost in translation (at least we hope shredded children are not actually for sale in China).

Plenty of others can be chalked up to different cultures, too ... but still. Between the Soup For Sluts flavor of Ramen, and the Pee Cola, we're sufficiently creeped out.

Check out those surprisingly real items and other gems in this oft-disgusting, always-hilarious gallery of the 29 awfulest, most absurd food product names ever:

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