Whale Slaps Girl in Face: Watch Now!

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In a word: WHOA!

This past weekend, a bunch of student with Live Different Academy were on a trip to Baja when one young women in particular got up close and VERY personal with a whale.

He slapped her in the face with his tail! For real!

How does this outburst compare to the cat who attacked that woman in the snow? Or that baboon who felt up that reporter?

Watch the whale go on the offensive as part of these Wild and Crazy Example of When Animals Attack now:


People who go to Baja need to have their heads examined from trying to hang out with all the cartel there it is very dangerous. The last person from CA who went to Baja and died was a lady named Sandy whom they said was killed by a gigantic wave there. People who let animals beat up on them are stupid, thats why humans were given brains to be able to outsmart animals. When you got the creepy losers from the movie "You're Next" stalking you in animal masks, then you better be Erin the girl who kicks their buttes fast.


the whale adores lesbians?