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Juan Pablo Galavis is responding, via his weekly blog, to the shocking exit of contestant Andi Dorfman on Monday night’s episode of ABC’s The Bachelor.

While Juan Pablo told the cameras that he had a great time on all three of his overnight dates, Andi was singing a much different tune in the morning.

On The Bachelor Season 18 Episode 9, she called their date "a nightmare" and a "disaster," accusing El Bachelor of not having feelings and being "inappropriate."

The Bachelor Clip - What's My Religion?!

Andi Dorfman called him out for talking about himself all the time, not making an effort to really know her and for always playing the "language barrier" card.

It was pretty epic. Now Juan Pablo is sharing his side of the story.

“Andi had a hard time adjusting to this experience because she wasn’t in control, and I understood how she felt,” Juan Pablo says following her exit.

However, he’s not happy that she’s “putting words in his mouth.” Specifically, “She put words in my mouth by saying that I used the word ‘default.’”


“It was because of her comments in Atlanta about wanting badly to fall in love that I almost [took] Renee instead of her, but I followed my heart and feelings instead.”

“I don’t know that word much,” he said of “default.” “It’s not in my vocabulary." Instead Juan Pablo said he was more likely to say “you barely made it here.”

As for Andi claiming that Juan Pablo didn’t know anything about her?

“I have to say that I know her as much as she knew me,” he said.

Watch The Bachelor Season 18 Episode 9 Online
Watch The Bachelor Season 18 Episode 9 Online

“In this process, people get to know each other in only the short amount of time we have together. Does it really matter what her religion is? What color she likes?"

"If religion was very important to one of the girls, I believe she would have told me. In Andi’s case, she didn’t, so I guess it was not that important to her.”

Andi was upset Juan Pablo didn’t know what her religion was. When he asked her what his religion is, she left him speechless by responding immediately "Catholic"

Galavis says he respects Dorfman’s honesty, and was sad they broke up; however the argument with her “killed it” for him and left him disappointed.

“The only thing I can say is that I take this process way more seriously than anyone on the other side,” he insisted, not really saying what the "other side" is.

In any case – by DEFAULT – Nikki Ferrell and Clare Crawley will vie for the final rose and probably not get engaged to Juan Pablo on Monday, March 10.

Who will win? See The Bachelor spoilers for the answer to that, and watch The Bachelor online at TV Fanatic to see the drama play out in full!